Why IAS ? As a Career !!!

Indian Administrative Services (abbreviated as IAS) has always been a fascinating career goal for the students studying in any stream. It will not be an exaggeration to say that an IAS officer leads the most prestigious life of all the government jobs. Since he/she holds the key position in most of the Union and State Government undertakings, he/she plays a vital role in enforcement and implementation of laws. The IAS officers can also formulate certain policies and play a strategic role in being advisers for the ministries.
This service was formed in 1893 in the name of Imperial Civil Service. In the year 1946, it was renamed as Indian Administrative Services. To get properly acquainted with the good aspects of becoming an IAS officer, let us look at some points listed below.

Administrative command over an entire district

As the District Collector, he is entrusted with most of the duties in the jurisdiction of the district. He maintains law and order, collects the taxes and supervises any adversities happening around. He also acts as the Chairman of various committees.

Represents India at international level in negotiations

They are undoubtedly, at the topmost ranks in government services. They negotiate about the important issues and agendas by representing India at the international level.

They can work for the UN and other international organizations

On deputations, they get to work at the international organizations like the UN, World Bank, the agencies of UN, etc.

Working for the social causes

Since an IAS officer has the supreme authority over the district, he can always help the people by serving their concerns including poverty, lack of infrastructure, under-development of health or education sector, etc. He can bring smiles on the faces of the sufferers by working on their challenges in humanitarian ways.

Being respected by everyone

He is the person who can actually bring a lot of change in the existing system. He works for the public and thus, is considered to be the most reputed and sought-after person in the eyes of people. 

The pay scale of civil servants

Their pay scale depends on the grade which varies over the range of Junior Time scale to Cabinet Secretary grade. Therefore, the salary (per month) ranges from ₹21,000 to ₹90,000. There are many added luxuries and perks too, including huge bungalows, red/blue beacon lights, etc.

As the District Magistrate

District Magistrates are also known as District Collectors. They hear some cases under particular sections of the Criminal Procedure Code, supervise the capital sentences and other related issues. They are supposed to look after all the mishaps in the district and act accordingly. Briefly speaking, they have the power to provide justice for the people.

As the Cabinet Secretary of India

This is the senior-most position held by a civil servant. In his limited tenure in this grade, he can influence significant policies and laws by advising the concerned ministry. He has to ensure the implementation of certain agendas and Cabinet decisions. He also advises the Prime Minister of India and works as the Chairman of many core and important committees. 

Framing and implementing new policies

If he feels the necessity of any policy related to the government affairs, he can formulate as well as implement them under the supervision and consultation of the concerned ministry. 

The IPS and the IFS

The Indian Police Service (abbreviated as IPS) and the Indian Forest Service (abbreviated as IFS) are also among the All India Services along with the IAS. They also serve the nation by working for their respective departments, as employed by the Union Government or the State Government.

The life of a successful IAS Officer

They can fulfill their duties and responsibilities in the day-time and enjoy the elite parties at night. They are provided a lot of privileges and facilities too.Having said that, the life of an IAS officer is not a bed of roses. If you actually have the dream to serve the nation and contribute in its development, this is the perfect career option for you.

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